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Mona's Thyroid Clinic

Food is our medicine


A Thyrid Clinic that cures patients from HYPOTHYROIDISM & HYPERTHYROIDISM. A team of Naturopaths under the guidance of Dr. Mona khosla cures just by doing some changes in their routine diet and the way they eat and live.

A Delhi based Naturopath, Dr Mona Khosla began her journey of curing thyroid naturally through diet, when she herself became a thyroid patient and was prescribed 75 -100mg Thyronorm. A disease not curable till one dies and symptoms also aggravating, forced her to study and experiment on herself.

Dr Mona Khosla, an accredited naturopath and a member of INO (International Naturopathy Organisation), not only cured her thyroid but also helped and helping many more in getting 100% cured from this disease within a period of six months to one year, through her personal attention and care.


Dr Mona Khosla cured her Thyroid and of many others with similar hormonal problems, just by doing some changes in their routine diet and the way they eat and live. She used to take 75mg to 100mg Thyronorm. Get relief from Thyroid Medication within a period of 6 months to 1 year.

Those who have Hypothyroid, doctors give them Thyroxine or Thyronorm (artificial harmones) as our body is not making enough hormones. They simply suppress the functioning of thyroid gland and leave other minerals and vitamins unutilised, this affects the whole body i.e. heart, kidney, lever, lungs etc. Instead of finding what’s deficient or the root cause behind this problem and curing it, they simply restrain the natural functioning.

My thyroid Story or Thyroid Journey

It all started when due to severe weakness I got my general whole body blood tests done on 18/11/2014. My TSH was 7.06. I went to General Physician and he suggested to take medicine for thyroid, but as I had heard earlier that once we start, we can’t stop till the end. So I told him my concern and asked if I can wait and he said yes till it reaches 8. Then I started going through books on thyroid and finding reasons, what causes this hypothyroidism. I started trying some of the remedies and diet controls also. But my weight reduced 2 kgs per week (reduced 6 kgs in a month) from 62 to 56 and on 17/7/2015 TSH increased to 7.57. I felt as if, it has increased a lot and stopped all the diet controls I was following.

Just after 6 month on 30/1/2016 TSH went up to 31.74 . I didn’t want to go to allopathy and take artificial harmones, so I ran to try the medicine of famous Yoga Guru known for his Ayurvededic Medicines in India medicine. One of the Yoga Guru famous for in INDIA. Met one of his specialist and took the medicines and did the asanas prescribed by him. But after 15 day’s medicine, on 16/2/2016 my TSH went up to 60.

So, to no avail, at last I fixed an appointment with one of the endocrinologist at and started taking Artificial Harmones, Thyronorm 75mcg as prescribed by him. He also advised not to experiment anymore and no need to take any dietary precautions, it’s all myth and also explained me that if once something is broken, we can’t mend it. So I’ll have to eat this bloody medicine till I die.

Now, I was supposed to take a tablet daily as my body was making less harmones and I also read that this tablet would first replace all my harmones and then my body would start functioning normally. Doc also told me that all my symptoms of hypothyroidism like gaining weight, brittle nails, dryness of hair and acne all over my face would go.

Me a bit depressed, but a bit happy also that I’ll be cured and would be normal with this medicine. I started taking thyronorm empty stomach religiously. Initially, Doc asked me to test and visit after every month, increased 12.5mcg but after second visit he asked to test after 3 months.

Just after one and a half month I felt palpitation and heart beat faster. I got my blood test done and found my TSH 0.54.

He checked the reports and reduced the medicine and again called me after 3 months.

If, I would have relied on these doctors and wouldn’t have got myself tested, I would have become BP patient also, as many other Thyroid patients are. And would have added one more daily tablet to my bucket.

I found the symptoms of hypothyroidism also not gone and started my journey of research, studying books and articles on thyroid and hormonal imbalance. Finally, after experimenting myself, I cured myself in December 2017. In the whole body tests also, my HB increased and everything came perfect and symptoms also gone like brittle nails, irregular menstruation, hair fall etc.

Diagnosis and Treatment

No artificial hormones. No pig hormones like in Armour. So, no side effects

First, we need to get some blood tests done and find the underlying cause. Depending on the underlying cause we will suggest some changes in regular diet, some herbs and some easy exercises and review monthly.

An online program which is convenient and easy to follow. One saves time, effort and money spent in travelling.

Deficiencies and thyroid disorder, hypothyroidism as well as hyperthyroidism can be cured
within 6 months to one year and if it’s more than 5 years old problem then may take a few more
months. Treatment usually consists of measures to help control signs and symptoms of the thyroid disease

Treatment includes

  • Detoxification of the body.
  • Boosting the body's natural ability to heal itself ie stronger immune system.
  • One can be cured or not, can be examined only after checking the old blood reports.
Treatment includes
Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:

  • Acne on face.
  • Osteopenia or Osteoporosis
  • Anemia
  • Feeling cold everytime more than others
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss.
  • Irregular Periods etc.

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism:

  • High palpitation.
  • Sweating badly after little workout.
  • Weight loss
  • Restlessness
  • Bleeding from nose.
  • Feeling Dizzy.
  • Stomach ache after every few days or months.
  • Osteopenia or Osteoporosis
Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism
Who all can be Cured Naturally

Who all can be Cured Naturally

  • If you have irregular menstruation (menses or periods) along with hypothyroid or hyperthyroid.
  • Hyperthyroidism patients or Graves’ Disease or thyroid storm patients.
  • Anybody having medicine of hypo or hyper thyroid.
  • Anybody with High levels or low levels of TSH ( Thyroid Stimulating Harmones).
  • Not able to conceive due to thyroid problem.

Weight Loss Diet Plan:

and a plan that worked for me lost 2 kgs in a week.

BMI Calculator

Enter your height in centimeters(CM):

Enter your weight in kilograms(KG):

Your BMI :

Tenure and Charges:

Depending upon the underlying cause we will suggest some changes in regular diet, some herbs and some easy exercises and review monthly.

Deficiencies and thyroid disorder, hypothyroidism as well as hyperthyroidism can be cured within 6 months to one year and if it’s more than 5 years old problem then it may take a few more months.

For Thyroid Disorder:

The Entire Package FOR curing Thyroid disorder would cost US $300 to $700/- OR Rs 20,000 to 50,000/-(INR).

In case of 50000/-, It will be charged in Two Instalments.

1st $400 or Rs 30,000/-
1st During the begining of the treatment after examining past reports.
2nd $300 or Rs 20,000/-
2nd After a month of begining the treatment.

For Weight Loss or Weight Gain Plan:

$150 Or 10000/-

This package of solving your lifetime problem is not expensive than your phone or laptop, which is just for a year or two.

Guaranteed Treatment for Thyroid, if not recovering within one year even after following all measures, money would be refunded.


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